Introduction to Google Tag Manager


Master the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager with our introductory course.

We’ll go through account configuration as well as setting up, testing and deploying basic and advanced tags and triggers.

Google Tag Manager 101!

Love data? Then Google Tag Manager (GTM) is for you. GTM enables you to manage the tags that send user data to third party programs like Google Analytics.

Our Google Tag Manager training for beginners’ course will introduce you to basic and advanced concepts.

What is included on our beginners training course?

This beginners’ course will introduce you to the world of Google Tag Manager and provide you with basic knowledge so that you are able to set-up, test and publish tags and triggers. We will also go through the different elements of GTM so you get an understanding of how and why they are used.

Our courses are tailored to you depending on your goals, but we also cover the fundamentals. A basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript is helpful, but fear not, as we can cover this in the training if required.

  • Overview of Google Tag Manager – what it is and how it works
  • Creating a container and accessing the container ID
  • Connecting to other programs such as Google Analytics & Google Ads
  • Tags, triggers and variables – understanding these elements
  • Tags, triggers and variables – setting up, testing and publishing
  • Understanding basic HTML and JavaScript
  • Viewing your Google Tag Manager data in Google Analytics
  • Working with a developer

By the end of the session(s) you will have a framework to move forward with which will help you focus on tracking the data that will be most useful to your business.

*Note – during the training we will be working with a test container and test site. Bring questions about your own website and we can discuss and troubleshoot.

Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and build an introductory course that works for you. Looking for a more advanced course? No problem!

If you are already using Google Tag Manager and would like to know if it is up and running correctly we can have a look for you. We’ll also look at your site and analytics to identify anything you should be tracking. Book your audit with us today!



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